Tear pads and their importance in medical practice

  • Rajnesh
  • May 16, 2018

What are Tear Pads?

Tear pads are general guidelines and instructions pertaining to various diagnosis and treatments for the human body. A tear pad is used by doctors to help keep a stringent list of do’s and don’ts, or myths and facts to help a patient remember, follow and come to understand terms of the ailment. A doctor is a busy person who practices medical professional diagnosis for sick patients. Doctors always have a busy schedule and having handy tear pads that can be given to every patient's requirement can dimes consultation time and assist the doctors to tend to more patients.

SMS tear pads for doctors

By providing an easy to understand informative flow chart along with visual diagrams, we are able to assist doctors to easily explain complex diseases, causes and complications like amputation, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, insulin management, how to lower weight for those suffering from obesity, with step by step exercise points, hormone stimulation foods, coping with kidney failure and risks to blindness, etc., is just a few from the variety of customized options that are available. The advantage is that here, the doctor already has the informative tear pads with educational tips for patients. Tear pads work great for patients to take home and practice. We are known for manufacturing quality based tear pads that can incorporate physical activity, disease, educational therapy on ailments, lower weight with dietary plans, healthy food meal planning’s, human body development, healthcare information on diseases, myths and facts, symptoms to watch out for, and a lot more of medical treatment related health care.

Pharma brand Awareness and promotions

A patient can take home a planned sheet which a doctor can easily explain with a very visual diagrammatic anatomical model picture to enhance the understanding of the patient. We are involved in manufacturing tear pads with a range of 50 to 100-page sets and can deliver customized Intel based on client’s requirements. Consider our medical products as the best teaching tool between a doctor and a patient. Patients can easily understand and prepare themselves better with the medications, physical activity or exercise and diet plan complications to a specific disease or ailment.

Our tear pads are made in our company located in Mumbai, India, however, our tear pads come customized in different languages for regional parts in India, where English may not be the local dialect. This language barrier can be demolished and the knowledge and treatment experience between the patient and the doctor or physical therapists can grow. This is very beneficial for pharmaceutical companies, who can buy our products and get them customized with the pharma brand and logo. These tear pads can be later sent as gifts for pharma brand and awareness among the doctor and patients. Tear pads always lie on the desktop of the doctor, health center or clinic for patient distribution. The constant appearance of the brand makes it possible to trademark a rand in a subconscious effort of eyeball advertising. All our products are made from the finest quality of materials and our easily availed in bulk quantities.

This tool is legendary in supporting effective healthy communication between the patient and doctor. The brand also begins to gain its popularity among the doctor and creates a long-lasting pharma brand trust.

Tear off pad benefits

  • Well written tear pads with multiple language choices are essential for a patient's quick recovery.
  • SMS tear pads increase communication, healthcare or disease prevention, medications and understanding between doctor and patient and leave a positive impact on the medical establishment.
  • Following the advice of dos and don’ts can be crucial to patient’s risk of life and death. For example, what foods to avoid? etc.
  • SMS Tear pads include prevention, signs and symptoms, anatomical model diagram, the definition of the disease, the diagnosis, therapy, tips and the treatment.
  • We research and provide tear pads with the latest medical science advancements and new pharma discoveries.
  • We provide customized logos and brand images of pharmaceutical names who wish to promote their brand all over India.

Our tear pads also cover the risks involved in the disease and those who are prone to contacting them. This general information is very crucial to a patient’s family and can help them prepare and plan a patients quarantine accordingly.

From covering health problems to chronic diseases our tear pads can cover important aspects that help in the recovery of the patient with easily readable guidelines to follow.

This type of tear pads is exclusive and good to use at clinics, pediatricians, physicians, orthopedics, dentist and other specific requirements for doctors to educate their patients. A beautiful handout tool like a tear pad for a perfect conversation of informative educational history to help cope with a disease or ailment. get great deals on tear pads that can be customized to suit and given medical healthcare causes and awareness. At SMS, we are reliable and budget-friendly.